Riiid!–KAIST R&D Partnership on Machine Learning Algorithm for Development of AI-based Learning Platform

20, Jul, 2016

Riiid!–KAIST R&D Partnership on Machine Learning Algorithm for Development of AI-based Learning Platform

- Riiid! signed a cooperation agreement with the research team led by Seo Chang-Ho, professor of electric and electronic engineering at KAIST

- It enables a user analysis through machine learning and development of problem-proposal algorithm

An educational technology startup Riiid! (www.riiid.co / CEO Jang Young) announced that it would conduct a joint R&D project developing machine learning algorithms proposing questions with a KAIST research team.
CEO Jang Young-Jun and Professor Seo Chang-Ho signed an industry-academic R&D cooperation agreement for developing algorithms enabling user analysis and questions proposal via machine learning. It is the first time that KAIST initiated an R&D project with an edutech startup to improve the data-based academic performance. Professor Seo, leading the joint project is a recognized researcher in the field of machine learning for his publication on machine learning presented during the globally renowned ICML (International Conference on Machine Learning) 2015.
Both parties will develop an advanced proposal algorithm providing user-specific learning contents by analyzing users’ learning data via machine learning. Riiid! is planning to apply the proposal machine learning algorithm to the Adapative Learning Program it is currently servicing. Going forward, it will provide an individually customized learning method so that users preparing for multiple choice tests can achieve their goals in the shortest possible period.
Professor Seo noted that all members including the development at Riiid! have strong commitment and passion to create a new world through educational technology and that he expects to achieve innovative research findings utilizing machine learning in the edutech sector through this project.
CEO Jang noted that Riiid!, by leveraging its propriety technology, is today capable of predicting with a 90% accuracy whether a user would get the answer right or wrong based on its analysis of incorrect answers and explained that the joint project with KAIST would allow the company to build an AI-based learning platform applying highly sophisticated and advanced Adaptive Learning Solution.

Meanwhile, project members are Professor Seo Chang-Ho from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at KAIST and his team with doctor Lee Kang-Wook and other masters and PhD graduates as well as the Riiid! development team. Professor Seo and Doctor Lee received bachelor’s degree at KAIST and PhD from UC Berkeley, California, USA. Their areas of research are big data and machine learning.