develops an adaptive learning platform based on artificial intelligence
as an alternative solution
to multiple choice exams.

"Santa" is an "adaptive learning" platform with the most advanced Learning Management System (LMS) available, developed through technical cooperation with KAIST, a domestic group with expertise in the machine learning field. The user's ability is accurately evaluated and his/her exam dates and target scores determine a curriculum perfectly optimized for each individual candidate.
"Santa" claims to represent an A-to-Z solution for curriculum and content learning, so the user can accomplish a target score by the date what the user wants in the shortest time, with the minimum work without other contents like an institute, workbook, internet lecture, etc.,
In this way, this LMS provides curriculum that is continuously changing directly according to the ability of the student. This dynamic system defines the core technology of "Santa"
The first product of the Riiid!'s adaptive learning project is 'Santa for TOEIC!', which is an adaptive TOEIC learning solution optimized to TOEIC, an exam which more than 2 million people take every year. It is a mobile learning service providing visual analytics by analyzing an individual user's learning status and proposing adaptive content to improve an individual weaknesses. It is gaining more and more popularity through world-of-mouth as a must-have TOIEC application for university students, job seekers and employees, earning an average of 4.9 score in Google Play and App Store.
"ReNote", known as a smart notepad for managing wrong answers, was the result of an R&D effort to lay the foundation for Riiid's machine learning technology. It was appreciated by many students because with just a few clicks on the smartphone, they can view all the wrong answers at a glance without having to cut and paste questions from the worksheet. ReNote was also recognized as the "most beautifully designed app" by Google Play. Riiid! has collected over 300,000 wrong answer data through ReNote and analyzed the data to develop the initial algorithm of adaptive learning based on exclusive technology.