Riiid is leading the paradigm shift in education

with AI technology.

The company’s name Riiid comes from “rid” meaning “remove” or “liberate.”
Riiid removes inconveniences in learning and provide a customized solution for every one of the users through AI-based tutoring.


Through AI technology, Riiid provides each student with 1:1 AI tutor that can far outpace human tutors at a fraction of the cost, allowing equal access to educational opportunities.

Creative Destruction

The existing global test-prep market will be disrupted by Riiid’s santA.Inside.

Global Standard

Riiid will provide standardized technology to global test-prep market.

Any companies that wish to provide AI tutors will use santA.Inside. There is no need to reinvent the wheel to make a car. There is no need to reinvent CPU to make a laptop.

Paradigm Shift

In the near future, we will leave the current educational paradigm far behind. We can tell the next generation: ”We used to have workbooks”—“we used to take internet lectures.”

Riiid does not just believe or talk about “our vision.”
We are leading the paradigm shift—WITH PROOF OF REAL RESULTS.

Riiid brings creative disruption

to the education market through AI technology.

  • Riiid Founded
  • Chosen for 'TIPS (Accelerator Investment-Driven Tech Incubator Program for Startup)'
  • Launched 'Renote!' beta version
  • Won first prize in '2016 K-Global@Beijing' held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and KIC China
  • Research paper on machine-learning algorithm accepted to 'NIPS' (top AI conference on a global level)
  • Patent for user customized problem solving algorithm based on machine learning
  • Won first prize in 'Mobile Award Korea 2016' held by Chosun
  • Launched 'Santa for TOEIC!' beta version
  • Won first prize in ‘4th Industrial Revolution Business Competition’ held by the Ministry of Science and ICT
  • Won first prize in 'Smart App Award Korea'
  • Won first place in '2017 KQSI (Korea Quality Satisfaction Index)'
  • Launched 'Santa TOEIC'
  • Won first place in 'Korea Brand Preference Award' held by Hankyung Magazine
  • Featured in App Store / The top paid app in education
  • Won first prize in '2018 Korea Innovation Frontier Award' held by Korean Standards Association
  • 25 Hottest APAC Artificial Intelligence Companies 2018 / CIOAdvisor
  • Launched 'Santa TOEIC Japan'
  • Founded a joint venture in Singapore
  • Won first place '2019 MAX Summit Award - Education'
  • Launched Santa SAT
  • Preliminary Unicorn / Ministry of SMEs and Startups(MSS) and Korea Technology Finance Corporation(KOTEC)
  • Top 10 Edtech Startup in APAC / Education Technology Insights
  • The AI Summit New York 2019
  • Won first prize in '2020 Brilliant People & Brand Awards - Education app'